For nearly all fiance visa or spousal visa applicants the most anxiety ridden portion of the process is the interview that takes place at the overseas consulate. This is the last step in what is often times a long arduous process. The following are some of the more common questions clients ask us about the interview process:

Can I go into the interview?

What questions are they asking?

What can go wrong in the interview?

Is there something specific that the interviewing officer is looking for?

Is this a trick interview where they are trying to find a reason to deny the visa?

How will your office prepare my fiancée / spouse for the interview?

These are clients more common concerns and we typically hear these concerns voiced to us before we are ever retained as counsel. The interview anxiety ridden for a client because the interview is the final step in the process. Further, there is a sense that the officer can just indiscriminately deny a visa – a sense that it is at the officer’s whim.

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